Google’s Local Service Ads are a great addition to the local SEO approach for specific industries such as locksmiths, plumbers, electricians. Google Local Services ads, you can demonstrate at the top of results when locals search online. When a searcher enters a query, they may see little trusted professionals in their area located right above the traditional paid search ads; these new ads show a business number, hours, ratings, and reviews. Google Local Services ads are a reasonable way for contractors and other local businesses to increase leads.

    • Advertisers Pay per Lead

    Google’s Local Service Ads helps attach the right job to the right advertiser and prevents the job variation that often happens when a user searches for broad terms for a very explicit job or for an area outside your service zone.

    • Highlight your Positive Reviews & Ratings

    Every Google Local Service Ad includes past customers’ ratings & reviews to help you earn searchers’ trust. Google Local Service Ads are one of the little ways to ensure your reviews appear on the SERP after Google retired Review Extensions on search ads.

    • Develop the achieve of Your Paid Search Ads

    You’ll notice that Google’s Local Service Ads sit on top of the Paid Search ads and the natural listings. That’s because Google Local Service Ads aren’t meant to replace your usual search ads, or even your natural local listings.

    • Confirm your eligibility

    Before you get too in front of yourself, you must check to make sure your business is appropriate for Google Local Services ads. As stated before, this feature is only available to certain industries in a certain number of cities.

    • Create a business profile

    Your profile determines which jobs equal your Local Services. It’s important that you’re truthful about the services you offer to ensure you only become visible in front of ads that want your services. If you lie about some of your services, you’ll be unable to find money on leads that contact your business for services you don’t offer.

    • Add your license and insurance details

    Google will only allow justifiable companies to have Google Local Services ads. You must upload your license and insurance information to your summary.

    • Set your budget

    Google Local Services ads operate just like PPC. You need to set a budget to state how much you want to spend to run your ads. This is a monthly budget that you can change as you need.

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